Advances in semiconductor miniaturization have revolutionized the world of electronics. Integrated circuits (ICs) today have become incredibly powerful, and this capability more than doubles every two years. Unfortunately, the interconnect between ICs (which is the ability of chips to communicate with each other) has not kept pace with the advances in ICs. Interconnect has become a bottleneck – one that increasingly limits system performance, battery life, and device size. Our goal is to enable game-changing innovation bridging the interconnect gap and resolving the performance bottleneck.

Founded and based on a vision and strategy developed in 2010 by Dr. Hector Ruiz (the former Chairman and CEO of AMD) and Dr. Bharath Rangarajan, ANS Inc. now has a team of industry veterans with over one hundred years of experience. We are dedicated to delivering breakthrough solutions in 3D and other advanced interconnect technologies. Our vision is to be the premier interconnect solutions provider enabling the continued revolutionary improvement in digital electronics integral to our lives: how we communicate, how we drive our cars, and how we sense and monitor our surroundings. Our mission is to deliver world-class high-volume interconnect, assembly and test manufacturing services.

Based on strong partnerships with leaders in the technology industry, we have established a differentiated roadmap to deliver solutions ranging from conventional single-component package technologies to advanced multi-component 3D technologies needed for 22nm semiconductor products and beyond. As an open platform that is US-based and has a strong emphasis on technology and innovation, ANS Inc. is well positioned to drive the 3D revolution.